Bearbrick Porcelain with Medicom

In 1999, Medicom Toy gave birth to a little bear with a plump belly that would revolutionize the world of collectible figurines. The Bearbrick (we write BE@RBRICK) will impose itself as the standard figurine at the forefront of all trends.

The Bearbrick is like a blank canvas on which artists from all over the world and licenses come to affix their creations. Among the best known are the collaborations with Kaws, Andy Warhol Foundation, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring or even Disney, Looney Tunes, DC Comics, and even the Louvre Museum!

we have produced in collaboration with Medicom a 400% limoges porcelain bearbrick.

Bearbrick K.Olin tribu

Sculpture en porcelaine EXTRA BLANCHE


Assemblage fait à la main pièce par pièce

Séries de 485 pièces

Toutes les pièces sont estampillées et numérotées


taille : 28 cm

Livrée dans sa boite bois